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What to do when the scales won't budge!?

Stuck in a rut? Putting in all the right work but not seeing the results on the scales?

Keep reading to learn why your bathroom scales may not be telling the whole truth and why you should perhaps use other progress trackers instead...

The key to weight loss has always been consistency. Focus on the controllable: your habits, your choices and your actions! Anyone looking to lose 'weight' is really saying that they'd like to lose 'fat' and preserve 'toned muscle'. The trouble with using bathroom scales, is that these only measure TOTAL WEIGHT!

Unfortunately, lovely toned muscle weighs more than fat, the meal you ate last night also weighs a certain amount, as does the extra water contained in your body when you've eaten slightly too much salt...

The point is, that yes you may be doing all the right things. One week you may even lose 4 pounds of fat, but if this is replaced by 2 pounds of lean muscle and you've just enjoyed a family roast the night before... those scales are going to show ZERO progress. When in reality you've lost 4lbs in fat (a huge amount!) and after a quick trip to the toilet later that day may even weigh less again!

Yes scales are an easy to use and good indicator of progress over the mid term, or for people trying to lose a lot of weight. If you are set on using them, take daily measurements with a pinch of salt and only look in to monthly averages to not drive yourself mad! But there are also many other ways to track progress that may be more relevant and in line with your goals. Check out below for the facts, educate yourself and say goodbye to demotivating weigh ins and hello to practical progress checking and big results!

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