The Smoothie Blueprint - how to make the perfect smoothie every time!

Summer is here and there's no better time to up your smoothie game!

Whether it's for breakfast, post workout, a light lunch, or simply a cool afternoon refreshment, smoothies are a great way of getting a lot of goodness inside you quickly, without the need for much prep at all.

That being said, we should be very careful when buying our smoothies ready go from supermarkets. Many contain lots of fruit yes, but are innately very high in sugar and not always as balanced or 'healthy' as you may assume. If buying from a shop, my biggest recommendation is to stick to the portion recommendation given on the bottle and look for those with veggies in as well as fruit.

Of course, if you're super smart, you'll do your best to make the majority of your summer smoothies at home. Quick, tasty and infinitely cheaper than buying from a shop, this really is the way to go... especially now that you're armed with my SMOOTHIE BLUEPRINT below. Not only will following this blueprint every time you make a smoothie ensure that your smoothie is well balanced in terms of health, consistency and taste, but it'll also make it easier for you to add the correct quantities of ingredients to your weekly shop in advance.

Many people when starting out with their brand new Nutri bullet (for example) will over use fruit, under use leafy greens and not even think about the protein element (which is crucial in making the smoothie a balanced meal replacement or pre-post workout option.) So make sure to stick to steps 1-4 every time!

TOP TIP: Always ensure that your smoothies fit in to your daily calorie targets! Just because they're healthy and full of nutrients, doesn't mean they're calorie free! Learn which fruits and which protein sources contain the most benefit for the fewest calories each time you make a new recipe and find the perfect balance for you!

Happy smoothie making... take a photo of your favourite creations and tag us on Instagram. I'll personally try your recipes and post my favourites!

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