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Food Tracking - can you really have your cake and eat it!?

Often demonised, in favour of more lucrative FAD diets, food tracking (or calorie counting) is shown often in a bad and ugly light. "You can't eat that any more!" The stigma incorrectly focuses on what you won't be able to eat, no more favourite foods, no more treats and tiny portions for you my friend!

The reality however, is far more positive. All successful diets, however they get there, require a calorie deficit. What food tracking does, without giving you a rigid food plan to follow, is gives you the information about what you're putting in your mouth, giving you the freedom to avoid hidden 'not even worth it' calories and eat more of what you love, be it with balance and the power of knowledge!

The thinking man's diet. The foodie's diet. The scientific diet. Call it what you like, food tracking is the most flexible, successful and most importantly maintainable method of managing your nutrition whilst reaching your goals, all whilst eating the foods you love!

Here's my benefits cheat sheet just incase you're not yet sold on losing weight whilst eating pizza!!!

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